Garage Floor Epoxy in San Angelo, Texas

Epoxy is incredibly practical and consists of materials that make it more flexible for numerous applications. If your desire is to develop a beautiful entrance to your hotel and office or to make a fireproof warehouse floor, we already have the epoxy system that will perfectly match your needs.

San Angelo Epoxy Flooring, located in San Angelo, TX, provides epoxy floor services to businesses and residents within San Angelo Texas. Our professional team has adequate knowledge of various epoxy floor systems installation and will always exceed your expectations. If you need professional clean flooring, residential epoxy floor or garage epoxy floor you should contact us today.

Self-leveling epoxy floors in San Angelo

We apply self-leveling epoxy floors over old, new, damaged or cracked concrete floors to make smoother, seamless and durable or low maintenance floor surfaces. The floor systems are available in numerous colors. We use the colors to make decorative designs, highlight work zones (mostly in industrial settings) and to denote traffic patterns.

The system is a good choice for people looking to enhance the aesthetic appeal of their facilities or those who want to make their floors heat, chemical, slip or abrasion resistant. We have been installing the systems in showrooms, manufacturing facilities, kitchens, commercial garages, athletic facilities, and aircraft hangers.

Epoxy mortar floors

Ultra-tough epoxy mortar floors, the strongest available floor systems, are made of 100 percent solids epoxy along with graded quartz sand or sand troweled into place. The floor systems are more effective when repairing older floors due to the high-build process. We have been using the flooring system in mechanical rooms, manufacturing plants, restaurants, commercial kitchens, warehouses, service areas featuring heavy equipment and garages.

Quartz-filled epoxy floors

Quartz epoxy floors consist of higher-performance epoxy polymer resin and colored quartz grains. The combinations result in multifunctional floors that are decorative, slip-resistant, exceptionally durable and sanitary. We have been installing the floors in light manufacturing facilities, cafeterias, restrooms, showrooms, offices, lobbies, locker rooms, and schools.

Anti-static epoxy floors

Electro-static charge, known as ESD, is extremely dangerous and therefore not needed in workplaces. Fortunately, anti-static epoxy flooring can help you reduce static related hazards. The flooring system generally contains conductive materials that accumulate static electricity to ground, drain or dissipate the potential discharge.

We highly recommend the epoxy flooring in environments that feature flammable materials. We have used the epoxy flooring in healthcare facilities, pharmaceutical and chemical manufacturing facilities, areas that rely on flammable liquids or gases or those at a risk of combustible dust build-ups.

Epoxy flake floors

Flake floor systems result from colored flakes or chips that we place within epoxy to make vibrant, seamless, multi-hued resilient surfaces. Apart from being aesthetically appealing, their rough surfaces minimize slips and fall. Epoxy flake floors are usually available in various styles, colors, sizes and textures. We can also mix them into your desired combination. We have used epoxy flake floors on locker rooms, commercial kitchens, automotive showrooms, sports venues, Laundromats and veterinarian clinics.

At times, epoxy flooring might not be the best choice. At such times, we might recommend some other types of flooring like industrial grade concrete. We are a leader in this industry. We will, therefore, work to exceed your expectations. Contact us for a free quote on all epoxy services today.