Your Hometown Epoxy Floor Contractors in San Angelo

We are the best epoxy flooring company in San Angelo. We possess the flooring application skills required to work for processing plants, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, and other demanding industries, generating high-quality flooring for outdoor packing decks, locker rooms, kitchens, freezers, and much more. We install end-to-end proxy & polished concrete flooring systems of any size for both residential and commercial projects. All we do is prove that your choice to trust us with your flooring installation produces unmatched results. Our professional staff understands floors, which is all we do and in a brilliant way.

Residential Epoxy Flooring

We protect, repair, and beautify all your residential floors with high quality, long lasting epoxy floor coatings, which survive lots of traffic, liquids, heavy products, as well as natural wear & tear. We as well level surfaces to create better-looking floors. We prep the floor using a grinding diamond carbine machine, apply a proxy prima coat, complete the fish coat, then add a clear coat to protect the floor. We offer various color options in different speckled designs.

Epoxy kitchen Floor

We install epoxy kitchen floors for both commercial and home kitchens. Unlike tile, concrete, concrete, or linoleum floors, epoxy floors for kitchens offer some rough texture ensuring traction even when wet. The floor is better than heavy& cumbersome mats because it is permanent and doesn’t house bacteria. In addition, you don’t have to clean it each day. The floors are attractive, hence, the best choice for open kitchen restaurants. They are water repellent, durable and is easy to maintain

Epoxy Garage Floor

Some simple paint job produces short-lived results when it comes to your garage floor. You need a proxy floor coating that is professionally installed. Our epoxy floor is a premier floor for your garage. itis good looking, easy to clean, and tough.

Metallic Epoxy flooring

Our metallic epoxy floors are aesthetically attractive and with a multitude of other benefits. Our staff can tailor them to be quite long-lasting, seamless, low yellowing, slip resistant, antimicrobial, as well as chemical resistant. We will make them beautiful and able to meet all your performance requirements. We have installed them in restaurants, waiting rooms, galleries, showrooms, and more.

Residential Epoxy Professionals in San Angelo

We have plenty of other services that we offer. We use top specialized equipment for all our services. Our products are of the highest quality. This way, we have the capacity to install the flooring system of your choice effectively and correctly. We are good at it all, whether it includes temperature to chemical resistance, electrostatic dissipation, moisture vapor suppression, slip resistance, or an integration of all.

Call us today so that we can discuss what epoxy flooring you need for your home or business. This way, our will be avoiding calling and paying twice for a new floor. We offer free estimate services. Our staffs have the experience and expertise to ensure that your mind is at peace. We understand all epoxy floor installation challenges and ensure a smooth changeover from old to new in a competently and timely way.